July 12, 2011

iRazoo: A Search and Win Alternative To Swagbucks

16 Points Won From a Random Search
iRazoo is a great alternative to Swagbucks and is definitely worth trying.  Although the wide spread of prizes may not be as spectacular, a $5 Amazon Card isn't hard to reach.  iRazoo is different than Swagbucks in one large way. As well as earning points randomly while searching (up to 10 times a day!) you can comment and recommend sites that you click on, earning you 10 points and up to a daily cap of 150 points.  Points can add up quickly while commenting, recommending and randomly winning, and if you keep on top of it, you'll be earning Gift Cards and prizes in no time.  The sign up is quick and easy; requiring only a user name, password and email makes registering pain free and throws your privacy worries out the window.  The site itself has improved quite a bit over the years, increasing their recommendation cap by 50 points, including instant wins and much more!  Why not get rewarded for voicing your opinions on websites and searching the Internet like you would every day.  This site is legitimate and easy to use, and is worth checking out.
Site Rating =  ★ ★ ★ ★
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What Other Prizes Are There And How Else Do I Win Points?
iRazoo has a lot of great prizes including: iPods, Cameras, the latest Gaming Consoles, Gift Cards and Mac Books, but most of them seem ridiculously priced, making a $5 Amazon Card fill up the 'Recently Redeemed' section on the site.  Although the Amazon Card is only a $5 Gift Card and the cheapest item by far (3000 points), it offers a very wide variety of items for your purchase, larger than any toy store or Best Buy you could imagine.  The shipping worldwide on most items helps too.  Searching and recommending aren't the only ways to earn!  Other ways of earning are offers (such as 'sign up with this site and earn 150 points' or 'watch this and get 20 points'), tasks (easy and fast to complete, earning you quite a few points), coupons (print off coupons and use them to save on your everyday groceries) and last but not least treasure codes (I find that most don't work: not a reliable way to earn).  But beware of the offers.  Just because you do what it says, you're not insured to receive your points, although a Inquiry can take place if no points are received.  These other ways do add up and can earn you some big points, but I find that the regular searching and recommending is the best way.

Why Is This Site Not Top Notch?
iRazoo, although being a great way to earn Amazon Credit and prizes, does have some flaws.  First, the site can get a little laggy at times, and isn't as fast as some search engines like Google or Bing. Secondly and most obvious, the range of Gift Cards isn't great, as it only has Amazon or iTunes as options.  And thirdly, it is annoying when you complete offers and don't get rewarded. (Tip: look for offers rated 5 stars by people and read comments on the offers before attempting them)

Overal, I would have to give iRazoo  ★ ★ ★ ★'s becasue it does have a few minor flaws, yet it is still a great site to earn a little extra cash on Amazon or iTunes and offers the latest electronics and consoles to redeem for free.  It is fast and easy to use, and is NOT a scam.  Just a few minutes a day and making the max number of points on recommendations can add up quickly, as well as searching every hour to earn instantly.  By doing this you should easily be earning 210+ points a day and will be on your way to earning money and prizes in no time!  For a quick and easy sign up, to help me out, and for a bonus of 50 FREE points to start out, sign up under this link or click on the banner.

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