July 10, 2011

Swagbucks: Earn While Surfing the Web

10 Swagbucks Won From a Search
We all use google almost daily to search up our regular sites, discover prices, or even get answers to questions we have.  We are exposed to so many advertisements while searching that it makes you think, "Aren't I doing you advertisers a favor!", and "I should get paid for this!".  And then after the thought flies right out of you, the searching and clicking continues and the regular day resumes.  Well what if, when searching, you receive points which can then be used to purchase anything from your latest electronics to PayPal gift cards.  Now we're talking!  A little site (well not so little) called Swagbucks makes this possible.  The money advertisers pay the site is then distributed to you guys into points called 'Swagbucks'.  Every time you search you have a chance to win swagbucks.  Swagbucks are not guaranteed every time you search, however I usually get around 30-60 Swagbucks a day from searching.  I have learnt that you will probably never get two wins in a row and you may have to search a few times before you win some Swagbucks.  Also, if you search every hour you have a better chance of winning more Swagbucks.  This site is legitimate and should not be ignored.  I have already received a free T-Shirt and $20 worth of PayPal, and it cost me absolutely nothing!
Site Rating= ★ ★ ★ ★★
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How Else Do You Earn Swagbucks?
Search & WinSearching the web is definitely not the only way to earn.  Things you can do daily to earn points, found in the earn tab at the top or side of the Swagbuck homepage.  These include: answering the daily poll (1 swagbuck), visiting Trusted Surveys (1 swagbuck), whipping through the NOSO [No Obligation Special Offers] (2 swagbucks), and using the toolbar (1 swagbuck).  It may not seem like much at the moment but trust me, they added up.  Other ways to earn include: using coupons, buying the daily deals, playing games for free (you get 2 swagbucks for every 2 games you finish), playing in game tournaments (great if your good at their games which can result in BIG earnings), inviting friends (you get up to 1,000 of their swagbucks they earn from searching), completing special offers, watching their TV, completing tasks, trading in your old electronics and video games, and last but not least, completing surveys.  Another helpful way to earn is by finding Swag Codes which can vary in amount.  These are found in their blog, on their facebook page, the Swidget and many other places.  The most useful way to find them though, is to use an up to date site revealing the latest swag codes.  There are tons of ways to earn them and if you're really serious about it, the more time you spend on it, the more free prizes you'll be racking up.  Even just a few minutes of your day can add up to earning prizes in no time!

So, How Far Does a Swagbuck Take You?
To be honest, one swagbuck doesn't go long, but you should be making about 40+ swagbucks a day if you keep on top of it and in no time you'll be able to buy a $5 amazon card for 450 swagbucks.  Be aware for sales that go on in the Swag Store for even easier buys.  There are lots of prizes to choose from, so why not give it a try.

So, all in all, Swagbucks is a great site to earn free prizes and gift cards from by only doing day to day things such as searching the web.  It may not be the fastest in earning your points but I think it is definitely worth it! Why not be rewarded for what you already do online and give Swagbucks a try.  Check it out! For a quick sign up and to help me out, use this link or the banner for a bonus of 30 Swagbucks!


Search & Win 
My Swagbucks Proof: Unboxing Video of Free T-Shirt

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